Alan, a NPC you meet in Rolent

Alan is an inhabitant of Estelle's hometown of Rolent.

He's an employee of the Orbalship Corporation and sits behind the ticket counter of Rolent's airport.

Alan's defining characteristic is his lecherous attitude towards the other sex. He likes ogling girls and even admits that the main reason he's doing his job is because he gets to see girls get on and off the plane all the time. This naturally causes females in general to roll their eyes at him. He did ask Scherazard out once, but she fed him so much alcohol during their visit to the bar that he couldn't remember anything about the experience the day after.

Even so, his obsession with the female gender does come in handy when Estelle, Joshua and Scherazard are pursuing Josette after the theft of the piece of septium the mayor kept in his safe. When asked whether a girl wearing Jenis' school uniform boarded the last airship, Alan said that since the female Jenis uniform was one of his turn-ons, he certainly would have spotted such a person and there was absolutely no such girl on the last flight. This information causes the bracers to start considering alternative escape routes and eventually settle on Mistwald based on the leaf found in the mayor's house.

All in all, even bad habits can sometimes come in handy.


Alan is a colleague of Skip and Fabree

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