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Alan is biased towards Fire Arts.

OS-Alan TC

In the Third Chapter, Alan has 1x Fire and 5x Neutral Orbment slots, with 2x configurable lines. He features a maximum line configuration of 1x Fire and 5x Netural Orbment slots, allowing him high proficiency as an Arts user.

Alan equals the highest capability having access to all 82 Arts.

Colonel Richard

Alan Richard FC Battle Stance
Level: 38 HP: 16646
STR: 522 DEF: 317
ATS: 145 ADF: 80
SPD: 37 Exp: 68
The mastermind behind the scenes. His sword skills, learned from Cassius, are powerful.
Damage Tolerances:
Sealed Area - Bottom Level
Sepith-Earth5 Sepith-Water8 Sepith-Fire2 Sepith-Wind4 Sepith-Time2 Sepith-Space1 Sepith-Mirage9
Alan Richard is an enemy in The Legend of Heroes VI: Trails in the Sky.

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