Private Anden, a NPC you meet at Gurune Gate

Private Anden is a soldier serving in the Royal Army.

He's stationed at Gurune Gate separating the cities Rolent and Grancel and can be behind the counter in the main hall, handling the paperwork for travellers passing through the gate. He mentions that ever since air travel became popular, this job hasn't been a very active one. He's a little envious that bracers can decide for themselves where they're stationed, although he does understand why the army can't have the same policy.

When spoken to again after the Intelligence Division has strengthened its hold on the army, Anden mentions he thinks its members are arrogant and openly wonders who the real terrorists are.


Private Anden is a collegue of Private Logan, Private Ethan, Private Selbourne, Private Stoll, Private Thomas and Private Barranco

He's also a subordinate of Chief Watch Officer Robin and Watch Officer Graves

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