Armand, NPC you meet in Rolent

Armand is a young man first met in Estelle's hometown of Rolent.

When the player first runs into him, he's busy staring at a girl down the street and admits he's attracted to her. His first attempt to ask her out isn't met with much success due to Ellie, the girl in question, feeling that it's not the right time or place for a confession. His second confession, on top of Rolent's clock tower during the sunset, fortunately fares much better. By the end of the prologue, Armand is talking about taking his new girlfriend to Grancel to attend the Queen's birthday celebration.

The couple is met again in Chapter 4 where they're taking a break on top of the Ahnenburg Wall at the Sanktheim Gate checkpoint after a stroll across the Erbe Scenic Route.

Later on in the chapter, the couple can be seen touring Grancel. Armand voices his disappointment when he and his girlfriend aren't allowed inside the castle, so they decide to attend the martial arts tournament instead.

Armand's bad sense of timing comes back to bite him once more near the end of the first game when he sets out to propose to Ellie in front of Grancel Castle only to nearly get caught in the Royal Guard's assault to retake it. Neither of them got hurt, but Armand lost his nerve then and there and during the actual birthday celebration he is seen fretting over his missed chance and trying to work up the nerve for a second attempt.


Admirer and later boyfriend of Ellie

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