Comparative Tables Edit

Name Parameters Gender
Leather Vest DEF+5
Armor Vest DEF+10, ADF+2
Leather Jacket DEF+25, ADF+2
Chain Mail DEF+30 , ADF+4
Shield Vest DEF+45, ADF+4
Battle Suit DEF+50, ADF+6
Work Jumpsuit DEF+50
Metal Jacket DEF+75, ADF+4
Black Coat DEF+80, ADF+8
Shield Coat DEF+100, ADF+6
Reflector DEF+105, ADF+10
Royal Guard DEF+120, ADF+10 Male
Valkyrie Dress DEF+120, ADF+10 Female

Name Parameters Gender
Enhanced Leather DEF+100
Fiber Vest DEF+125
Jenis Blouse DEF+125, ADF+5, SPD+5, AGL+5 Female
Jenis Blazer DEF+135, ADF+10 Male
Enhanced Jacket DEF+140, ADF+2
Red Jacket DEF+150, AGL+10 Male
Blue Cashmere DEF+150, ADF+35 Female
Cat Suit DEF+5, SPD+5
Holy Cloth DEF+155, ADF+50, AGL-10 Female
Fiber Suit DEF+160, ADF+4
Edel Armor DEF+200, ADF+15 Male
Ceram Coat DEF+200, ADF+6, SPD+5
Survival Vest DEF+210, ADF+10, SPD+5, AGL+20 Male
Gypsy Queen DEF+210, ADF+30, SPD+5, AGL+10 Female
Protect Gear DEF+250, ADF+8
Ebony Suit DEF+260, ADF+35 Male
Misty Veil DEF+260, ADF+30 Female
Ceram Armor DEF+310, ADF+12, AGL+10
Taiji Garb DEF+320, ADF+20, SPD+5, AGL+20 Male
8 Divinations Garb DEF+320, ADF+40, SPD+5, AGL+20 Female
Dragon Skin Jumpsuit DEF+350, ADF+50
Armored Barbarossa DEF+360, ADF+35, AGL+20 Male
Reflector II DEF+370, ADF+14
Aurelia Dress DEF+380, ADF+50 Female
Armored Sieglinde DEF+380, ADF+30, AGL+15 Female
Dark Messiah DEF+385, ADF+50, SPD+5, AGL+5 Male
Gaia Suit DEF+425, ADF+25, AGL+5
Jagd Panzer DEF+455, ADF+40, SPD-5, AGL-5
Aura Guard DEF+555, ADF+50
Jormungandr DEF+600, ADF+200, SPD-10, AGL-50

Name Parameters Gender
Tiny Leather DEF+100
Strong Denim DEF+200
Survival Vest DEF+300
Downy Steer Court DEF+400, ADF+10, AGL+5
Titanium Suit DEF+500
Bracer Court DEF+600
Dragon Jumpsuit DEF+700, ADF+15, AGL+5
Tabard DEF+800
Amalgam Guard DEF+900
Gull Cancer Armor DEF+1000, ADF+20, AGL+5
Cosmic Gear DEF+1100
Shinobi Costume DEF+750, AGL+100, SPD+5
Knight Armor DEF+1500, ADF-600, AGL-50, SPD-5, MOV-1
Haunted Priest's Garb DEF+650, ADF+1000, MOV-1
Cat Suit DEF+750, AGL+10, SPD+30, DEX+10, MOV+1
Yakuto Armor DEF+1000, STR+100, ADF-100, DEX-50
Rafael Harrow DEF+1100, ATS+25, AGL+5 Male
Kaleidoscope Cage DEF+225, STR+20, ADF+20, SPD+5 Male
Kaleidoscope Cage +1 DEF+525, STR+40, ADF+40, SPD+5 Male
Kaleidoscope Cage +2 DEF+825, STR+60, ADF+60, SPD+5 Male
Kaleidoscope Cage +3 DEF+1155, STR+80, ADF+80, SPD+5 Male
Black Silk +1 DEF+525, ATS+100, AGL+15 Female
Black Silk +2 DEF+825, ATS+150, AGL+25 Female
Black Silk +3 DEF+1055, ATS+200, AGL+35 Female
Gabriel Aura DEF+1100, ATS+25, ADF+25 Female
Jormungandr DEF+1600, ADF+300, AGL-50, SPD-5, DEX+50, MOV-1 Tita

List of Armor Edit

Leather Vest Edit

Armor Vest Edit

Leather Jacket Edit

Chain Mail Edit

Shield Vest Edit

Battle Suit Edit

Work Jumpsuit Edit

Metal Jacket Edit

Black Coat Edit

Shield Coat Edit

Reflector Edit

Royal Guard Edit

Valkyrie Dress Edit

Enhanced Leather Edit

Fiber Vest Edit

Jenis Blouse Edit

Jenis Blazer Edit

Enhanced Jacket Edit

Red Jacket Edit

Blue Cashmere Edit

Cat Suit Edit

Holy Cloth Edit

Fiber Suit Edit

Edel Armor Edit

Ceram Coat Edit

Survival Vest Edit

Gypsy Queen Edit

Protect Gear Edit

Ebony Suit Edit

Misty Veil Edit

Ceram Armor Edit

Taiji Garb Edit

8 Divinations Garb Edit

Dragon Skin Jumpsuit Edit

Armored Barbarossa Edit

Reflector II Edit

Aurelia Dress Edit

Armored Sieglinde Edit

Dark Messiah Edit

Gaia Suit Edit

Jagd Panzer Edit

Aura Guard Edit

Jormungandr Edit

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