Arts, also known as Orbal Arts, are magical effects brought about by Orbments; that can be used to attack, defend or support characters and enemies. There are varied and unique Arts which host elemental properties; Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Time, Space and Mirage, each providing different effects. Arts are the result of equipping Quartz in configurations in an Orbment, when the required elemental values of Arts matches the installed elemental value of Quartz, the Art becomes usable. All party members are able to use any and all Arts, as well all Arts are accessible from the beginning of the story. The limitation of configuration, set elemental slots and access to Quartz with high elemental values hinder the available Arts that can be cast by that party member. Using Arts in battle requires Energy Points, also known as EP, Arts have specified EP requirements, that do not regenerate and require Items to restore.

Arts have a range of cast-ability, Single, Area, Line or All. Single ranged Arts can only be used on one ally or enemy at a time; Area ranged Arts can be used in an area of effect, these can vary between small, medium and large circles; Line ranged Arts are uni-directional and only affect only those in it's path of effect; and All ranged Arts affect the entire battlefield, however will only affect either party members or enemies. Arts alike physical attacks, cannot be used on an ally unless it's effect is intended to (for example, La Tear only heals allies in it's area of effect).

Most arts are aimed at an enemy or ally and will automatically retarget if their initial target is defeated before the art is cast. A handful of arts, however, targets an area on the grid instead of a specific enemy. While this allows the player to hit a greater number of enemies by focussing the spell on a location in between them, it's possible for enemies to move out of the spell's range before it goes off in which case the spell misses completely. Line-type spells always target the grid instead of specific enemies.

Many Arts additionally have an associated Status Effects as well (for example, use of Shadow Spear has a 20% Deathblow chance). Arts that have Status Effects don't stack and many Status Effects are preventable, in situations where a character is immune to damage (for example, a character under Immunity protection of Earth Guard) the effect is ineffective along with the Art.

Earth Edit

Name Requirements Range EP Description
Stone Hammer Sepith-Earth1 Single 10 Drops a large boulder on enemies.
Petrify Breath Sepith-Earth3 Single 10 Blows petrifying gas on an enemy. [Petrify +20%]
Earth Lance Sepith-Earth5 Single 10 A pointed blade shoots up from the ground.
Stone Impact Sepith-Earth3 Sepith-Space2 Area (M) 50 Drops a massive boulder on enemies.
Titanic Roar Sepith-Earth8 Sepith-Space4 All 50 Creates a powerful localized earthquake.
Earth Guard Sepith-Earth2 Single 10 Forms a temporary earth shield. [Immunity]
Earth Wall Sepith-Earth4 Area (S) 30 Forms a temporary earth shield perimeter. [Immunity]
Crest Sepith-Earth4 Sepith-Water3 Sepith-Space2 Sepith-Mirage1 Single 20 Temporarily grants protection from the earth. [DEF+25%]

Water Edit

Name Requirements Range EP Description
Aqua Bleed Sepith-Water1 Single 10 Shoots a heavy stream of water at enemies.
Blue Impact Sepith-Water5 Single 20 Blast an enemy with highly pressurized water.
Diamond Dust Sepith-Water5 Sepith-Wind2 Sepith-Space1 Area (M) (Set) 40 Produces intense cold. [Freeze 20%]
Tear Sepith-Water1 Single 10 Heals 200HP for an ally.
Teara Sepith-Water4 Single 20 Heals 1000HP for an ally.
Tearal Sepith-Water6 Single 40 Heals 2000HP for an ally.
La Tear Sepith-Water2 Sepith-Space1 Area (S) 20 Heals 200HP for allies in the area.
La Teara Sepith-Water5 Sepith-Space2 Area (M) 50 Heals 1000HP for allies in the area.
Curia Sepith-Water4 Sepith-Mirage2 Single 10 Cures all abnormal status except K.O.
La Curia Sepith-Water8 Sepith-Space2 Sepith-Mirage4 Area (L) 30 Cures status of all allies in area except those K.O.ed.
Thelas Sepith-Earth2 Sepith-Water4 Sepith-Mirage1 Single 10 Revives & heals 100HP.

Fire Edit

Name Requirements Range EP Description
Fire Bolt Sepith-Fire1 Single 10 Shoots a flaming ball of fire.
Flare Arrow Sepith-Fire3 Single 20 Showers an enemy with searing flames.
Napalm Breath Sepith-Fire6 Single 40 Crimson flames erupt from below.
Fire Bolt EX Sepith-Fire3 Sepith-Wind1 Sepith-Space1 Area (M) 20 Sends a wave of flaming balls of fire.
Spiral Flare Sepith-Fire5 Sepith-Wind2 Sepith-Space2 Area (M) 30 A chaotic flurry of scorching arrows.
Volcanic Rave Sepith-Earth4 Sepith-Fire8 Sepith-Space2 Area (M) 50 Causes an explosion of focused energy.
Forte Sepith-Fire4 Sepith-Wind3 Sepith-Space2 Sepith-Mirage1 Single 20 Temporarily boots strength by fire. [STR+25%]

Wind Edit

Name Requirements Range EP Description
Air Strike Sepith-Wind1 Single 10 Tears and shreds an enemy with compressed air.
Aerial Sepith-Wind4 Area (M) (Set) 20 A powerful tornado with whirling bits of rubble.
Aero Storm Sepith-Wind8 Area (L) (Set) 40 Creates a massive vortex of slicing aero blades.
Lightning Sepith-Wind4 Sepith-Space2 Line 20 Sends out an electrical shock. [Seal 20%]
Plasma Wave Sepith-Wind8 Sepith-Space4 Line 50 Strikes with electrical bolts. [Seal 20%]
Sylphen Guard Sepith-Wind2 Single 10 Creates a temporary wind barrier. [AGL+50%]
Sylphen Wing Sepith-Wind6 Single 30 Temporarily borrows the power of wind. [MOV+1]

Time Edit

Name Requirements Range EP Description
Soul Blur Sepith-Time1 Single 10 Emits a time-space shaking pulse. [Faint 20%]
Shadow Spear Sepith-Time5 Single 20 A blade that whittles away life. [K.O. 20%]
Hell Gate Sepith-Time4 Sepith-Space2 Sepith-Mirage1 Area (S) 30 Stagnates enemies' vital activities. [Faint 20%]
White Gehenna Sepith-Time8 Sepith-Space7 Sepith-Mirage2 Area (M) (Set) 40 Disrupts the time-space continuum. [Faint 20%]
Clock Up Sepith-Time1 Single 10 Speeds up the flow of time. [SPD+25%]
Clock Up EX Sepith-Time9 Single 30 Greatly speeds up the flow of time. [SPD+50%]
Anti-Sept Sepith-Time3 Single 20 Temporarily prevents the casting of arts. [Mute]
Anti-Sept All Sepith-Time11 Area (M) 40 Temporarily prevents the casting of arts. [Mute]

Mirage Edit

Name Requirements Range EP Description
Chaos Brand Sepith-Earth5 Single 10 Muddles an enemy's cognitive abilities. [Confuse]
Saint Sepith-Earth3 Sepith-Water2 Sepith-Fire3 Sepith-Wind2 Sepith-Space2 Sepith-Mirage4 Single 40 Temporarily increases parameters. [STR&DEF+25%]

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