Bloom, NPC met in Rolent

Bloom is an inhabitant of Estelle's hometown of Rolent.

She is an older woman who's living on the general store's upper floor together with her son. True to her name, she has a great fondness for flowers.

Bloom appears to be a loving, but rather overbearing mother. Unhappy with her son's continued status as a single, she has taken it upon herself to find a woman to be his bride, going around town and asking women to consider marrying her son. Aina and Elissa mentioned having been approached by her at some point, and Fate mentions that she even asked about Yuni, who's still attending Sunday School. She eventually even asks Estelle if she's interested.

She doesn't seem to realize that her son's not particularly happy with her actions and feels embarrassed just walking the streets these days.


Bloom is the mother of Rinon.

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