Comparative Tables Edit

Name Parameters Gender
Reinforced Boots DEF+30, MOV+1
Metal Spikes DEF+40, MOV+1
Hard Loafers DEF+45, MOV+2, SPD+2, AGL+2 Female
Cat Foot Slippers DEF+1, MOV+2, AGL+2
Clog Boots DEF+45, MOV-1, ATS+30, AGL-5 Male
Fiber Boots DEF+50, MOV+1
Accel Gear DEF+50, MOV+2, SPD+5 Male
Gemini Boots DEF+55, MOV+1 Female
Strega-F DEF+60, MOV+1
Crystal Heels DEF+70, MOV+2, SPD+5, AGL+10 Female
Edel Guarders DEF+74, MOV+1 Male
Spike Gear DEF+90, MOV+1
Duende Slippers DEF+90, MOV+1, ATS+100, ADF-30 Female
Haken Boots DEF+95, MOV+3, AGL+10 Male
Star Rabbits DEF+95, MOV+4, AGL+15 Female
Ceramic Spikes DEF+130, MOV+1
Ebony Shoes DEF+135, MOV+1, ATS+30, ADF+30 Male
Strega-G DEF+150, MOV+2
Regina Guarder DEF+150, MOV+2, SPD+5, ATS+20, ADF+50, AGL-5 Female
Blue Falcons DEF+155, MOV+2, SPD+5, AGL+35 Male
Strega MAX DEF+160, MOV+4
Dragon Skin Shoes DEF+170, MOV+5, SPD+3
Jagd Guarders DEF+180, MOV+5, SPD+5, DEX-10 , AGL+5
Parthenon Gear DEF+195, MOV+2, SPD+5, ATS+50, ADF+50 Female
Composites II DEF+200, MOV+2
Strega B1 DEF+200, MOV+10
Hermes Gear DEF+200, MOV+4, DEX+50, AGL+15 Male
Persetear DEF+205, MOV+4, DEX+50, AGL+15 Female
Spiegel Shoes DEF+215, MOV+2, SPD+5, ATS+10, ADF+30 Male
Prometheus DEF+220, MOV+4, SPD+5, ATS+30, ADF+10, AGL+5

Name Parameters Gender
Step Shoes DEF+50, MOV+2
Griffin's Boots DEF+60, MOV+2
Royal Spikes DEF+70, AGL+10, MOV+3
Trekking Gear DEF+80, MOV+2
Composites III DEF+90, MOV+3
Gaia Boots DEF+100, AGL+15, MOV+4
Ashigaru Tabi DEF+110, MOV+3
False Gaiters DEF+120, MOV+4
Strega-O DEF+130, AGL+20, MOV+5
Syncroton DEF+140, MOV+4
Oboroenguwa DEF+150, MOV+5
Shinobi Boots DEF+105, AGL+100, SPD+10, MOV+5
Night Leg Pad's DEF+180, ADF+30, AGL-50, SPD-5, MOV+3
Shaman's Sandals DEF+95, ATS+25, ADF+100, MOV+3
Cat Slippers DEF+100, AGL+10, SPD+10, MOV+8
Heat-Resistant Boots DEF+10, AGL-20, SPD+10, MOV+2
Superiors DEF+75, ATS-5, ADF-5, AGL+5, SPD+5, MOV+2 Male
Superiors +1 DEF+105, ATS-15, ADF-15, AGL+15, SPD+10, MOV+3 Male
Superiors +2 DEF+140, ATS-25, ADF-25, AGL+25, SPD+15, MOV+4 Male
Superiors +3 DEF+155, ATS-35, ADF-35, AGL+35, SPD+20, MOV+5 Male
Titan's Tooth DEF+160, AGL+25, DEX+25, SPD+5, MOV+5 Male
Rubber Boots DEF+75, ATS+5, ADF+5, AGL-5, MOV+2 Female
Rubber Boots +1 DEF+105, ATS+15, ADF+15, AGL-10, MOV+3 Female
Rubber Boots +2 DEF+140, ATS+25, ADF+25, AGL-15, MOV+4 Female
Rubber Boots +3 DEF+155, ATS+35, ADF+35, AGL-20, MOV+5 Female
Achilles Heel DEF+160, ATS+30, ADF+30, AGL+15, MOV+5 Female

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Prometheus Edit

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