Locations Edit

City of Bose Edit

The City of Bose is the second-largest city in Liberl, and easily the most active. It specializes in trade, even regularly negotiating shipments with the Erebonian Empire. Renowned for amassing both goods and expatriates by means of the Haken Gate in the north, Bose is a veritable melting pot of commerce and community. At its center lies the massive Bose Market - a sprawling indoor flea market where groceries, clothes, books, general goods and anything else one can imagine can be found for sale in extensive quantities. The city's elected official is Mayor Maybelle.

Ravennue Village Edit

Ravennue, or the Village of Ravennue is a small village in Bose, located north from the West Bose Highway - 2nd Map. The village itself is the remnant of what was a mining village, thriving with workers from the Abandoned Mine.

Valleria Shore Edit

The Valleria Shore is a fishing and relaxation paradise, located south of the New Ansel Path - 2nd Map in Bose. The shore is built up on the coast of Valleria Lake, offering lodgings and activities for both short and long term guests.

Nebel Valley Edit

The Nebel Valley is a mountain range west of Rolent and east of Bose, located north of the East Bose Highway - 1st Map. The range covers the approximate size of Grancel extending to it's borders, the paths are windy and foggy making navigation to the average traveller not worth the risks.

Ancient Dragon's Dwelling Edit

The Ancient Dragon's Dwelling, located far north in the Nebel Valley - 1st Map, is an open cave system of tunnels that extends towards the Erebonian Empire boundary. The dwelling has long been rumoured to once host dragons, however many citizens of Liberl are sceptical of such stories and the cave system has no known interest for researchers.

Abandoned Mine Edit

The Abandoned Mine is an old septium mine, now just a series of old mining tunnels, that used to be a booming mine with a wealth of raw materials hidden within. Located northwest of Ravennue in Bose, the mine is quite intricate and has a large opening deep in the caves large enough for a airship to land.

Sky Bandit's Stronghold Edit

The Sky Bandit's Stronghold, located at the Nebel Valley in Bose, is the hideout of the Sky Bandits, namely the Capua family. The stronghold is based in a cave system in the north of Nebel Valley and has an internal structure of tunnels, rooms and a hangar large enough for small air vessels.

Amberl Tower Edit

The Amberl Tower is one of the four Tetracyclic Towers left behind by the ancients, built in the Bose Region of Liberl Kingdom. The tower is located west of the New Ansel Path - 2nd Map, and like other Tetracyclic Towers, comprises of several floors and hosting an artifact on the roof.

Haken Gate Edit

Haken Gate

Krone Pass Edit

The Krone Pass is a regional guarded divisional checkpoint between Bose and Ruan, connecting the Krone Trail - 1st Map in Bose and the Krone Trail - 2nd Map in Ruan.

Roads Edit

East Bose Highway Edit

The East Bose Highway is a roadway in Bose, connecting the City of Bose, the Verte Bridge, the Nebel Valley and the Eisen Road.

West Bose Highway Edit

The West Bose Highway is a roadway in Bose, connecting the City of Bose, the Ravennue Trail and the Krone Trail.

Eisen Road Edit

The Eisen Road is a roadway in Bose, connecting the East Bose Highway and the Haken Gate.

Krone Trail Edit

The Krone Trail is a roadway in Bose and Ruan, connecting the West Bose Highway and the Manoria Byroad through Krone Pass.

Ravennue Trail Edit

The Ravennue Trail is a roadway in Bose, connecting the West Bose Highway, Ravennue and the Abandoned Mine.

New Ansel Path Edit

The New Ansel Path is a roadway in Bose, connecting the City of Bose, the Amberl Tower and Valleria Shore.

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