The Bright Family House is the residence of Estelle Bright, Cassius Bright and Joshua Astray, located west in Rolent. The household can be found by taking the northwest path on the Elize Highway 1st Map.

The land is considerably large in comparison to other locations around Liberl, hosting a moderately large two story stone house with a large surrounding yard. The household is built on level ground surrounded by rocky terrain featuring a water hole at the rear of the house, with a training ground to it's east with several training poles for practising staff combat. Both floors have outside balconies and garden features with resting areas, where both Estelle and Joshua spend time playing the harmonica or simply hanging out.

The internal layout of the household is a standard Liberl home, several bedrooms, a kitchen, dining room and an attic. Cassius has a room on the first floor, with a built in study room with several bookcases, a desk and a chair. Upstairs on the second level are the bedrooms of Estelle and Joshua, similar in composition to Cassius', however the party may rest in either room if required. A sequence in the Second Chapter shows that Joshua's bedroom used to be a storage room before he came to live with Cassius and Estelle.

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