Charles, a NPC you meet in Rolent

Charles is the son of a female merchant from Calvard and he's visiting Liberl together with his mother Radmira.

He's a young boy who's fascinated by quartz and orbments who first runs into Estelle while they're in Rolent. While he's there, he accidentally drops his favorite piece of quartz down a sewer grate and puts in a request at the Bracer Guild to have it retrieved, which Estelle and Joshua end up doing. Despite the rather bratty Charles getting into an argument with Estelle, he nevertheless acknowledges the fact that she and Joshua got him his "shiny stone" back and gives them a few of his snacks as an additional reward. When Joshua mentions that his shiny rock is actually a broken piece of quartz, Charles

There isn't much demand in Rolent for the woodcarvings his mother is selling and Joshua advises her to visit Grancel as there may be more buyers there. After the events in the prologue, Charles and his mother head for the royal city to try their luck there.

Estelle and Joshua run into Charles again at Sanktheim Gate, the checkpoint that separates Zeiss and Grancel, and Charles recognizes the bracers as the ones who got his piece of quartz back. When asked what he and his mother are doing there, he mentions that they made some profits in Grancel and that they're gonna stop by in Zeiss for a bit before heading back to the Calvard Republic.

When the two of them finally reach Zeiss, Radmira just wants to rent a hotel room, get off her feet and rest, but Charles, who already had a fascination for technology before he visited the city, is elated upon witnessing Zeiss' technological wonders first-hand and runs off to stare at the orbment-powered clocks and escalators. The next day, while he and his mother are at Central Factory to buy orbal cameras to take back and his mother is trying to get advice from one of the engineers, Charles spends his time looking over the various devices in the entry hall and listining to factory staff having meetings.

After Radmira finishes her shopping, the two of them prepare to leave Zeiss and head back to Calvard. They're last seen at the rest stop at Wolf Fort where they're preparing to cross the border. Charles mentions that his mother still needs his help taking care of his siblings, but once his four little sisters have grown up a little, he intends to return to Zeiss, get a job at Central Factory, work his way up to the position of engineer and eventually get into the business of building airships.


Charles is the son of Radmira


Quest:Find the Shiny Rock

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