The City of Bose is the main city in the Bose Region of the Liberl Kingdom in The Legend of Heroes VI: Trails in the Sky.

The City of Bose is the second-largest city in Liberl, and easily the most active. It specializes in trade, even regularly negotiating shipments with the Erebonian Empire. Renowned for amassing both goods and expatriates by means of the Haken Gate in the north, Bose is a veritable melting pot of commerce and community. At its center lies the massive Bose Market - a sprawling indoor flea market where groceries, clothes, books, general goods and anything else one can imagine can be found for sale in extensive quantities. The city's elected official is Mayor Maybelle.

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Unlike the neighboring city of Rolent, Bose's industry isn't focussed on production, but on trade. The town's large indoor market, one of a kind in Liberl, is the symbol of the city and cements its status as the commercial heart of the kingdom where traders from both Liberl and the nearby Erebonian Empire gather to do business and where merchants from all walks of life peddle a great variety of items.

Government & Politics Edit

Like all of Liberl's larger cities aside from Grancel, Bose is governed by a mayor who oversees the daily goingons in the city and who, as a member of the Royal Assembly, visits the capital on an annual basis to discuss the affairs of the country together with the Queen, the other mayors and other figures of prominence in Liberlian society.

The current mayor of Bose is Mayor Maybelle who lives in a residence on the west side of town together with her housekeeping staff.

With Bose acting as the center of commerce for the country, it's a given that the city's mayor is expected to be well-versed in the finer details of business and trading in order to properly govern so the town's mayors tend to be members of influental local merchant families and the current mayor is no exception. Having inherited the ownership of the Bose Market from her father, who was the previous mayor, Maybelle was already one of the most influental figures in Bose, but when her father passed away and she entered the race to run for mayor, people were initially skeptical of her due to her youth. Because of her sharp business sense and the support of her friends from the equally influental Trino family, Maybelle was able to win the election and the population of Bose has warmed up significantly towards her ever since.

Managing the bustling city is an extremely hectic job and unlike her Rolent counterpart, Mayor Maybelle usually has time for little else.

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