The City of Grancel is the main city in the Grancel Region of the Liberl Kingdom in The Legend of Heroes VI: Trails in the Sky.

The City of Grancel contains many archetypes for a typical Liberl Kingdom city, with a Septian Church, a Bracer Guild, Lodgings, an Arms & Guards, an Orbment Factory, a General Goods and Cafes. Unlike the other towns and villages, Grancel has neither a mayor nor a village elder. As Liberl's capital, it's ruled directly by the country's monarch, Queen Alicia.

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As Liberl's political and cultural heart, Grancel has no major industry. Instead, it is the seat of the national government in the country and in addition to the castle, it also houses the embassies of the neighboring nations as well as the cathedral where the nation's most important clergymen reside.

Grancel's economy relies for a large part on cultural events such as the anual Martial Arts Tournament and Birthday Celebration which always attract a large number of tourists to the capital.

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