The City of Zeiss is the main city in the Zeiss Region of the Liberl Kingdom in The Legend of Heroes VI: Trails in the Sky.

The heart of Liberl's orbment industry. Towering high above the city streets is a massive orbal factory where everything from lighting fixtures to airships is mass-produced. Its workers are known to be the continent's top-level orbment craftsmen, which has sparked a lot of intereational interest (of both the positive and negative varieties). In addition, because the city depends so heavily on industry, the head of the Central Factory also serves the duties of mayor. The current factory chief is Murdock.

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Initially specializing in clocks and watches, Zeiss was the town most significantly changed by the Orbal Revolution. As a result of Professor Russell introducing orbal technology to the city lead to the building of the Zeiss Engineering Factory, which later becomes the Central Factory. Sporting production facilities both above and below ground, Zeiss is responsible for the manufacturing of just about every mechanical item found in Liberl, from lights and heaters to orbal guns and airships.

Government & Politics Edit

Like all of Liberl's larger cities aside from Grancel, Zeiss is governed by a mayor who oversees the daily goingons in the city and who, as a member of the Royal Assembly, visits the capital on an annual basis to discuss the affairs of the country together with the Queen, the other mayors and other figures of prominence in Liberlian society. What makes Zeiss fairly unique is that the town's mayor is also the chief of the factory, or rather...due to the Central Factory's importance to the town, its chief also acts as the town's mayor.

The current factory chief and mayor of Zeiss is Murdock who lives in the living quarters behind his office. His predecessor and the first chief of the Central Factory was Professor Russell. It is unknown whether the factory chief/mayor is elected or appointed.

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