Collectables are items that are progressively collected throughout the titles, each title features multiple collectables, most of which are missable as story progression happens. The Liberl News Issues are present in both Trails in the Sky - First Chapter and Trails in the Sky - Second Chapter, where the Carnelia Chapters are exclusive to Trails in the Sky - First Chapter and the Gambler Jack Volumes are exclusive to Trails in the Sky - Second Chapter.

Full sets of the exclusive collectables can be used in exchange for the acquisition of Ultimate Weapons. The Carnelia Chapters can be traded to Baral at the Baral Coffee House during Turmoil in the Royal City, as the Weapons require a full set of Carnelia Chapters each, two playthroughs are required to acquire both. The Gambler Jack Volumes can be traded to Prof. Russell onboard the Arseille during Trails in the Sky, unlike previously two Weapons can be acquired, one with the Gambler Jack Volumes.

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