Confuse is a common status effect that causes a target to attack both ally and enemy alike for the duration of the effect, it can be inflicted against both characters and enemies. Confuse doesn't have a long period of infliction time and will wear off a target if they are cured (for example, by use of Arts or Items). Dealing physical or magic damage against an effected target doesn't remove the effect, when inflicted the target will randomly select it's own allies before it's enemies using physical attacks move to a random spot on the field without attacking. Items, arts and crafts/special skills will never be used under the influence of confuse.

Removal Edit

Arts Edit

  • Curia
  • La Curia

Items Edit

Prevention Edit

Accessories Edit

Infliction Edit

Arts Edit

  • Chaos Brand
  • Silver Thorn

Crafts Edit

  • Smite
  • True Smite

S-Crafts Edit

  • Judgement Card

Items Edit

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