Cooking is an activity introduced from the First Chapter and onwards. Cooking requires a learned Recipe from the Recipe Book, along with Ingredients to create a variety of Recipes that can be used as Items both inside and outside of battle.

Recipes require base Ingredients that needs to fulfilled before the Recipe can be created. In the First Chapter only two types of Recipes can be created; a Sit-Down meal that may only be used outside of battle and consumed once cooked or bought, and a To-Go meal that can be carried and used as an item inside or outside of battle, from the player's inventory that has beneficial effects for party members. The Second Chapter introduced an additional type of meal able to be created from the Second Chapter onward, Attack foods, that can be used inside of battle to deal elemental or non-elemental physical damage to Enemies

Most Recipes are learned from consuming the Recipes from the player's inventory, such as a Drill Meatball, where others such as a Cheese Risotto, are learned when purchasing them from a store. Some Recipes such as the Surprise Cookie, are learned as they are acquired from Chests or NPCs.

When cooking a Recipe, Estelle appears in a short scene wearing an apron with utensils and an oven.

Achievements Edit

In the First Chapter there is only one achievement relating to cooking.

The True Wonder Chef Edit

Ach-The True Wonder Chef The True Wonder Chef
Fill the Recipe Book
How to Obtain: Collect all 58 FC Recipes to unlock this achievement. These can be collected collectively over multiple playthroughs.

In the Second Chapter there are two achievements relating to cooking.

That Damn Recipe Edit

Ach-That Damn Recipe That Damn Recipe
Complete the "Nostalgic Recipe" quest
How to Obtain: Complete the Nostalgic Recipe quest during That Which One Must Protect.

Master Chef Edit

Ach-Master Chef Master Chef
Cook your way through the Recipe Book
How to Obtain: Collect and create all 68 SC Recipes to unlock this achievement. These can be collected and created collectively over multiple playthroughs.

Quests Edit

There is only one quest relating to cooking, featured in the Second Chapter.

Nostalgic Recipe Edit

Recipes Edit


                 Abaddon Potluck

                 Apple Ice Cream

                 Azelia Rose

                 Beast Steak

                 Black Pepper Soup

                 Boiled Miso Carp


                 Bouillabaisse Plus

                 Briny Delight

                 Carmine Eye

                 Cheese Risotto

                 Chef's Curry

                 Chomping Spare Ribs

                 Coffee Ice Cream

                 Deep-Fried Smelt

                 Diehard Paella

                 Drill Meatball

                 Floral Jelly

                 Flowery Soda

                 Fluffy Spring Egg

                 French Fries

                 Fresh Juice

                 Fried Eyes and Eggs

                 Fruity Milk

                 Gorgeous Crape

                 Grilled Rainbow

                 Hellfire Eggs

                 Holey Popcorn

                 Hot Fried Chicken

                 Jenis Lunch

                 Liberl Omelet

                 Maple Cookie

                 Milk Crepe

                 Mixed Cocktail

                 Monster Sushi

                 Mouthful Soup

                 Orange Ice Cream

                 Plucked Herb Tea

                 Potluck in a Shell

                 Pot O' Meat

                 Rainbow Jellybeans

                 Red Tail Soup

                 Refreshing Pie

                 Rich Expresso

                 Rockfish Skewer

                 Rotini Pasta

                 Royal Crepe

                 Salmon Meuniere

                 Salubrious Oatmeal

                 Seasonal Tart

                 Special Ice Cream

                 Speciality Eggnog

                 Sweet Sponge Cake

                 Tomato Sandwich

                 Vegetable Sandwich

                 Wholesome Pasta

                 Wild Veggie Pot

                 Wine-Steamed Egg

Ingredients Edit