Craft Points, abbreviated as CP, is a recurring stat. It is paramount for Crafts and S-Crafts, and most important to those who use Crafts in combat. Craft Points are a measure of the craft pool of the character, once all CP is depleted, crafts can no longer be performed.

Every character has a CP maximum of exactly 200 and this limit cannot be increased in any way.

CP is lost whenever the character uses his or her crafts in battle. If a character's HP is brought down to 0 or if an S-craft is used, the CP meter is emptied completely.

CP is gained by hitting or being hit by enemies during battle. Landing or taking a hit results in a minimum gain of 3 CP and additional CP is received if the enemy attacked or attacking is at a higher level than the character or if a large amount of damage was incurred at once. A character using an attack that can hit multiple enemies receives a CP gain for each additional enemy being hit. CP gain seems to be connected to the act of landing a hit, rather than doing damage, so hitting an enemy with high defense and doing 0 points of damage still results in CP gain. Using attacks that appear to hit an enemy multiple times (like the higher-level wind spells) result in additional CP being gained.

Aside from hitting or being hit, CP can also be recovered through the use of certain food items or by using Agate's Wild Rage craft. In addition, a character who takes a turn with a Heal CP bonus attached to it gets either 10 or 50 of his or her craft points restored before any action gets to be taken.

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