Father Divine, a NPC you meet in Rolent

Father Divine is the priest in charge of the Rolent branch of the Septian Church.

While formerly stationed in the Grancel Cathedral in Grancel, he's been Rolent's priest for over 30 years and has earned himself the reputation of a strict, but well-respected man in the city. Aside from leading the sermons, which Estelle abhors, he and Sister May also take care of the education of Rolent's children. Estelle, Joshua and their friends from Sunday school are all former pupils of his. Even though Estelle was often late, sleeping in class, forgetting to do her homework or causing trouble, Father Divine was still secretly fond of her.

There appears to be more to him than Estelle knows at first. When the Bracers prepare to set out for Bose at the start of Chapter 1, they accept the job of taking a letter from Father Divine to the priest in charge of the Bose branch. When they deliver the letter, they are told it contains a recipe for a new healing formula. Father Divine turns out to be somewhat of an authority on the subject who's known nationally for his knowledge and skills in the healing arts and whenever he makes a new discovery, he shares his findings with his fellow priests.

Estelle is baffled by this, since her former teacher never mentioned that about himself, but never talking about himself and completely focussing on the well-being of his flock is simply part of Father Divine's character.


Father Divine is the former teacher of Estelle and Joshua, Elissa and Tio

He's also a fellow cleric of Sister May


Medical Necessities

Letter Carrier

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