Elger, NPC met in Rolent

Elger is an inhabitant of Estelle's hometown of Rolent.

He is the owner of the local weapon store and he lives on the second floor of the shop together with his wife. As long-time friends of the Bright family, Elger and his wife act as semi-parental figures to Estelle and Joshua and they used to look after Estelle whenever Cassius was away on business. After getting to know Joshua, Elger also noticed that the former had a keen eye for weaponry, so he ended up hiring the boy as a part-time assistent who tended the store from time to time. When Joshua qualifies to become a junior Bracer, Elger mentions being sad to lose him as an employee.


Elger is the husband of Stella and the former employer of Joshua

He's also an unofficial caretaker of Estelle and Joshua

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