Energy Points, abbreviated as EP, is a recurring stat, comparable to magic points in other games. It is paramount for Arts usage, and most important to those who do deal magic damage in combat. Energy Points are a measure of the energy pool of the character's battle orbment and once all its Energy Points are depleted, Arts can no longer be cast unless restored, for example, by using a EP Charge.

Since EP reflect the energy capacity of a character's battle orbment, the EP pool doesn't grow as the character levels up. (although leveling up does result in an instant refill) The only ways to increase an orbment's EP reserve is to open additional slots in the orbment or to equip quartz that provides the player with bonus EP.

EP is lost by casting Arts. In addition, certain enemies possess attacks that drains a certain amount of EP from the target.

EP is recovered by using certain items, such as an EP Charge or certain food. Sleeping at an inn, using a recovery station or gaining a level all cause the character's EP to be recovered completely. In addition, a character who takes a turn with a Heal EP bonus attached to it gets either 10% or 50% of his or her energy points restored before any action gets to be taken.

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