The Erbe Scenic Route is a roadway in Grancel, connecting the Royal Avenue and the Erbe Royal Villa.

Along with the Royal Avenue, the route forms a loop that runs through the Grancel region with the Erbe Royal Villa at the center. Although infested with monsters during the events of the game, it's mentioned that this is a rare occurrence and the road is usually suitable for citizens and travellers to stroll down and relax.

Among the various places along the route where people can relax are the four monuments, which have benches suitable for resting nearby and Romal Pond, which is a small body of water near the eastern side of the route.

During the Intelligence Division's coup d'etat in Turmoil in the Royal City, both the Erbe Royal Villa and Romal Pond are both closed to the public, with the Erbe Royal Villa being used to imprison hostages and the pond being used as a landing area for the special ops' airships.

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