Fish are collectable items obtained when Fishing, some fish can be re-used as Bait. Fish that are caught are recorded in the Fishing Guide, the weight, along and the Fishing Spots the fish was caught at are recorded. The Fishing Guide additionally lists the heaviest of each fish species caught.

Fish may contain Accessories, Items or Sepith in their mouths once caught, based on the weight of the Fish, heavier Fish offer larger rewards. Some drops are unique, such as the Granakor that contains the Tiger Heart and Crimson Eye Accessories.

Comparative Tables Edit

List of Fish Edit

Blue Marlin Edit

Carp Edit

Claudine Edit

Crab Edit

Dace Edit

Dynatrad Edit

Eel Edit

Garvelze Edit

Gigangora Edit

Gold Angelfish Edit

Granakor Edit

Great Blackfish Edit

Kasago Edit

Liberl Carp Edit

Mahi-mahi Edit

Octopus Edit

Pearlglass Edit

Rainbow Trout Edit

Rockeater Edit

Salmon Edit

Sea Bass Edit

Smelt Edit

Snakehead Edit

Tiger Rockfish Edit

Trout Edit

Valleria Bass Edit

Yamany Edit

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