Fishing Spots are locations found around Liberl in the Second Chapter and the Third Chapter where Fish may be caught using any combinations of Fishing Rods and Bait.

In the First Chapter there is only a single fishable location at the Lakeshore Inn in Valleria Shore. As Fishing was re-introduced in the Second Chapter and onward, an additional 30 fishable locations were added.

Rolent Edit

Bright Family Pond Edit

Elize Highway River Edit

Milch Road Pool Edit

Mistwald Clear Stream Edit

Rolent Sewers Edit

Verte Bridge Edit

Bose Edit

Lakeshore Inn Edit

Ravennue Village Pond Edit

West Bose Highway Pond Edit

Ruan Edit

Air-Letten Waterfall Edit

Gull Seaside Way Beach Edit

Gull Seaside Way Shoals Edit

Manoria Village Edit

Ruan - Roubine River North Edit

Ruan - Roubine River South Edit

Sapphirl Tower - 5F Edit

Varenne Lighthouse Cliff Edit

Zeiss Edit

Kaldia Tunnel River Edit

Kaldia Underground Lake Edit

Leiston Fortress Moat Edit

Maple Leaf Inn Garden Pond Edit

Tratt Plains Road Pool 1 Edit

Tratt Plains Road Pool 2 Edit

Underground Lake Depths Edit

Grancel Edit

Erbe Royal Villa Canal Edit

Grancel Castle Entrance Edit

Grancel Port (Rear) Edit

Grancel Sewers - E Block Edit

Grancel Sewers - N Block Edit

Grancel Sewers - W Block Edit

Scenic Route - Romal Pond Edit

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