Freddy, NPC met in Rolent

Freddy is an inhabitant of Estelle's hometown of Rolent.

While his father is officially in charge of the orbal factory that the two of them are running, Freddy is probably the person in Rolent most well-versed in orbal technology, having studied it at the Central Factory in Zeiss at some point in the past. One of his most major accomplishments has been the restoration of Rolent's famous clock tower after its destruction during the war, replacing its mechanical power source with an orbment-powered one. Other tasks that are part of his job are maintaining the lightposts on the sides of the road and preparing battle orbments for the Bracers, Estelle and Joshua among them.

When Estelle admits to having trouble using one, Freddy tells her that he used to have difficulty using one as well, even though he's good at fixing them up.

Later on, Freddy has to deal with Dorothy Hyatt accidentally breaking an expensive clock while she's visiting the orbal factory to have her camera fixed up. Fortunately, her boss Nial turns up and hands over the cash to pay for the clock.


Freddy is the son of Mister Melders.


Orbment Replacement

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