Freemont, a NPC you meet in Rolent

Freemont is an inhabitant of Estelle's hometown of Rolent.

He lives on the ground floor of a residence in the south-west corner of the city, though he's usually away from the home due to his job as a woodcutter. The production of timber isn't unfamiliar terrain for the family as Radford, his father-in-law, used to be a woodcutter as well, which has caused tensions in the family. Even though Freemont is a very hard worker who's dedicated to winning his father-in-law's approval, Radford considers Freemont to be a greenhorn who's still too inexperienced to be taken seriously.

Eventually, Freemont's wife Euridice gives her father a stern talking-to which results in reconciliation and Freemont acknowledges that there's still a lot her can learn from his father-in-law and promises himself to start listening to his advice.


Freemont is the husband of Euridice and the son-in-law of Radford

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