Mister Gaton, a NPC you meet in the Malga Mine

Mister Gaton is a miner working in the Malga Mine and an inhabitant of Estelle's hometown of Rolent.

He lives on the upper floor of a residence in the south-western corner of the city together with his wife and daughter and he's been working in the mine for many years. He doesn't see his family as often as he'd like since it's very common that he has to spend the night at the mine and work overtime. While the hard work has given him chronic back pain, he also managed to work his way up to the position of chief miner who's in charge of the mine's daily operations. According to his colleagues, Mister Gaton has a genuine passion for his work and "enjoys finding a new lode more than eating three meals a day". This suggests that while it's partially duty that has him working such long hours, it's also love of his job that motivates him.

He's first encountered when Estelle and Joshua pay a visit to the mine in order to retrieve an unusually large piece of septium on behalf of Mayor Klaus. Just as he hands the septium over to the Bracers, an explosion elsewhere in the mine causes a monster nest to open up, resulting in monsters overrunning the mine tunnels. Mister Gaton briefly accompanies Estelle and Joshua as they work their way through the mine saving miners from the monsters. After everyone has been succesfully evacuated (and after being scared senseless by Estelle pretending to have lost the piece of septium), he thanks the Bracers for their efforts and promises to let the Guild know about their actions so they can receive some extra compensation.

Later on, he goes down to the lower level again and seals the hole to the monster den with explosives, earning some additional respect from his men. Afterwards, he is seen in his home, relaxing and recovering from the incident in the company of his wife and daughter.


Mister Gaton is the husband of Frissa and the father of Anya

He is the superior of Miner Trent, Miner Landan, Miner Miles, Miner Pierre, Miner Heinrich and Miner Bones

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