The Gurune Gate is a regional guarded divisional checkpoint between Rolent and Grancel, connecting the Royal Avenue - 3rd Map in Grancel and the Elize Highway - 3rd Map in Rolent.

Inside the Gurune Gate are several rooms along the main hall, with check in points in the northwest room and the west exit. The southeast room is the the Gurune Gate - Mess Hall; a large dining hall with several tables, chairs and a kitchen with the attendant and cook, Emily. The northeast room is a dormitory with seven beds; three singles and two bunked beds and another in the south room with four beds, two singles one bunked, and attendant Sam.

The 2F leads outside along the Ahnenburg Wall with accessibility along the north and south exits, with the south exit leading to an extension outside. Ascending above 3F leads atop the Gurune Gate, where it was said in the Liberl News - Issue 7, "One can feel the wisdom of the ancients flow".

First Chapter Edit

At the beginning of Turmoil in the Royal City, Private Selbourne will offer Carnelia - Chapter 9 after speaking to him on Gurune Gate - 2F - Outside.

NPCs Edit

Name Position
Emily Dining
Sam Lodgings

Military NPCs Edit

Name Position
Anden Private
Barranco Private
Ethan Private
WO Graves Watch Officer
Logan Private
CWO Robin Chief Watch Officer
Selbourne Private
Stoll Private
Thomas Private

Maps Edit

1st Floor Edit

2nd Floor - Outside Edit

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