Hit Points, abbreviated as HP, is a recurring stat. It is paramount for survivability, and most important to those who do receive damage in combat. Hit Points are a measure of the vitality of the character, once all HP is depleted, the character falls into the Knocked Out status and must be revived, for example, by using a Reviving Balm. Revived characters are always given some Hit Points back. Hit Points are only provided through quartz though sometimes can be boosted in battle by arts or items.

Hitpoints are depleted when getting hit by attacks in battle (either by an enemy or a confused ally) or at the end of a turn while under the effect of the Poison or Freeze status. Hitpoints are restored when affected by arts, items or crafts/S-crafts that heal HP. In addition, a character or enemy who takes a turn with a Heal HP bonus attached to it gets either 10% or 50% of his or her hitpoints restored before any action gets to be taken.

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