Kaldia Tunnel Art

The Kaldia Tunnel is a roadway in Ruan and Zeiss, connecting Air-Letten, the Kaldia Limestone Cave and the City of Zeiss.

The road connecting Air-Letten and Zeiss is unique in two ways. Rather than leading from the checkpoint to the City Gates, it connects to the basement of the Central Factory and travellers have to use the factory's elevator or stairwell before they reach the town itself. It also differs from Liberl's other city-connecting roadways by being completely underground, going all the way underneath the Kaldia Hills that separate the Zeiss and Ruan regions.

While travelling through a tunnel this long would usually be quite dangerous due to the many monsters lurking in the caves, the entire road is lined with many wall-mounted lighting orbments that fulfill the dual function of illuminating the part of the cave the road runs through and pacifying the monsters that are too close to the road itself. Since the lights burning out would make the tunnel practically impossible to navigate, the technicians at the Central Factory frequently check on them and repair them if they malfunction. This is how Estelle and Joshua first met Tita, who was on her way to replace one of the defective orbment lights among the wall.

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