The Lucir Orbal Factory is an orbment factory in the First Chapter and Second Chapter, located in the Bose region.

The store is attended by Lucir, it is situated in the north of Bose - South Block.

Inventory Edit

Item Sepith
Defense 1 Sepith-Earth20
HP 1 Sepith-Water20
Mind 1 Sepith-Water30
Attack 1 Sepith-Fire20
Shield 1 Sepith-Wind20
Evade 1 Sepith-Wind20
Impede 1 Sepith-Wind30
Impede 2 Sepith-Wind300
Action 1 Sepith-Time20
Blind Sepith-Time50
Cast 1 Sepith-Time20
Move 1 Sepith-Space100
EP Cut 1 Sepith-Time10 Sepith-Space20 Sepith-Mirage10
EP 1 Sepith-Time10 Sepith-Space10 Sepith-Mirage30
Hit 1 Sepith-Mirage20

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