Melders, NPC met in Rolent

Melders is an inhabitant of Estelle's hometown of Rolent.

He is the owner of the local orbal factory, which he runs together with his son. Melders himself isn't particularly skilled with orbal technology, but he was already a technician before the Orbal Revolution, so he's very familiar with machinery in general and he can handle himself repairing orbments, even though he understands little about quartz. Since he was born before orbal technology became part of everyday life, he remembers what things were like in the past and gets annoyed at times that technology is taken for granted these days. This sometimes provokes him into rants about "the good old days when things got done through sweat and hard work".

Since he's so knowledgable about technology, Scherazard asks him to give Estelle and Joshua a short lesson about orbments prior to their initiation trial.


Melders is the father of Freddy

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