Mirano, a NPC met in Rolent

Mirano is a businesswoman from the city of Bose.

She lives in the southern section of the city, but she's frequently travelling to other cities in the country while she's securing business deals. She's first met in the Abend Bar in Rolent together with her assistent Simon where she's busy making a large purchase of lumber and septium in an attempt to make a tidy profit selling it elsewhere. While in Rolent, she heard about the large septium crystal that was discovered in the Malga Mine and was disappointed when she didn't get an opportunity to buy it for her private septium collection. Due to her unusual accent, she attracts quite a bit of attention in Rolent.

Mirano is an extremely influental person in her hometown and knows a lot of important people. People almost regard her as somewhat of a second mayor. In addition to her father being an important businessman, Mirano is also a good friend and strong supporter of Mayor Maybelle, is well acquaintanced with Bose's other prominent merchant family and is also on good terms with Ruan's most influental businessman who later becomes a candidate for mayor.

While Mirano and her father, Mister Trino, are both merchants, they're not partners. Instead, they're fiercely competitive business rivals and the rivalry only intensified when Mirano started increasing her influence in Bose. However, when the Linde gets hijacked by the sky bandits and Trino, who is one of the passengers, gets taken hostage, Mirano immediately drops the rivalry and takes over her father's work in his place while keeping competitors away from his business deals. Since she can't focus on her own business in the meantime she considers letting Simon take care of her duties, but due to his lack of experience, she's reluctant to let him shoulder that responsibility.

She's seen again near the end of the 4th chapter attending the Queen's birthday celebration in Grancel.

Since Mirano's father is a businessman in heart and soul, it's very likely that Mirano was named after Liberl's currency, the mira.


Mirano is the daughter of Modena and Mister Trino, as well as the latter's business rival

She's an aquaintance and business rival of Mister Borden and his family and a childhood friend of their son Alvelle and also acquaintanced with Norman

She's also a good friend of Mayor Maybelle

She's the employer of Simon

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