The Mistwald Forest, or Mistwald for short, is a forest located in Rolent.

Mistwald is the main source of Rolent's timber industry where many local workers make a living from. Mistwald is situated south of the City of Rolent, east from the Elize Highway - 3rd Map. The forest is dense with shrubbery and trees, ideal for the timber industry, who exports it's timber to other regions in Liberl. During A Father's Love, A New Beginning the Capua Family have a hideout in the forest, where they are confronted in battle.

First Chapter Edit

In the Mayor Klaus' Request during A Father's Love, A New Beginning, Estelle, Joshua and Scherazard return from the Malga Mine to see Mayor Klaus with the Septium Crystal from Mine Chief Gaton. Later in the Mayoral Theft quest, the Septium Crystal is stolen and Mayor Klaus requests help from the Bracer Guild to investigate. A Servais Leaf is found in the attic during the investigation, originating from Mistwald, leads Estelle, Joshua and Scherazard to the forest. The party finds the responsible Sky Bandit's at their hideout at Mistwald - 3rd Map and after observing their operation, learn that Lyall was responsible for the monster infestation in the Malga Mine during the Mayor Klaus' Request quest. The party confronts the Sky Bandit's, and retrieve the stolen Septium Crystal, however the party are hit with a smoke bomb dropped by Kyle Capua who rescues Josette Capua and the other Sky Bandit's.

In the Medical Necessities quest during A Father's Love, A New Beginning, Fr. Divine requests a Bear Claw as in ingredient in a salve. The Bear Claw is a common plant found throughout Mistwald.

Maps Edit

1st Map Edit

2nd Map Edit

3rd Map Edit

4th Map Edit

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