Radmira, a NPC you meet in Rolent

Radmira is a travelling merchant from Calvard selling woodcarved folk craft.

She and her son Charles are first met in Rolent where Radmira is trying to sell her wares. While she seems appreciative of the merchandise for sale in Estelle's hometown, she's disappointed that there seems little demand for her wares there and it lowers her opinion of Rolent. (much to Estelle's chagrin, who doesn't like her hometown being called a backwater village)

While talking to her, Joshua suggests that a city like Grancel would probably have a lot more potential customers for her and Radmira decides to take that advice, leaving Rolent for the royal city around the same time Estelle and Joshua set off for Bose.

She and Charles are met again at Sanktheim Gate, the checkpoint separating Zeiss and Grancel. It turns out that her visit to the royal city was a success and she made a nice amount of money selling her wares there. Before heading back home, she intends to stop by Zeiss and use the profits she's made to buy some orbment-powered products there, specifically orbal cameras, as those are rare in her home region and can likely be sold there with a profit.

Tired by the long walk from Grancel to Zeiss, Radmira rents a hotel room first to get a night's rest before heading to Central Factory and is annoyed by her elated son, who has a fascination with orbments and technology, immediately running off to see the town for himself.

She visits Central Factory the day after and asks Karl, one of the engineers there, for advice on what kind of cameras to pick, but is merely confused when he deflects her request for user-friendly cameras and keeps bringing up the technical specs instead. She does eventually manage to procur a set of cameras to her liking and leaves, leaving Karl pondering the concept of user-friendliness for what might be the first time in his life.

She and Charles are last seen at the rest stop near the Wolf Fort as they prepare to cross the border into Calvard. Their stay in Zeiss managed to inspire Charles to return there and get a job in orbal technology once his four sisters are a little older and his mother won't need his help at home anymore. Radmira notices her son's new-found determination as well and is happy that he's found something to work towards in his life.


Radmira is the mother of Charles

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