Rinon, NPC met in Rolent

Mister Rinon is an inhabitant of Estelle's hometown of Rolent.

Rinon wanted to be a bracer when he was younger, but ended up running Rolent's general goods store instead. His stock used to be limited until he decided to start having it delivered to him by airliner. As a result, his business has started flourishing. One of the items he's having flown in from other cities is Estelle's favorite brand of sneakers, Stregas. Because of this, he and Estelle are on very friendly terms. Estelle also tended to frequently stop by to buy junk food at his place.

Despite already being a grown man, he is still single, living above the store together with his mother. The latter has recently started searching for a suitable candidate to be his wife, asking females around town if they're interested, which is a source of embarassment and annoyance to Rinon as he himself feels he isn't ready for the responsibilities of a family yet and he doesn't like the weird looks he gets whenever he goes outside nowadays.


Rinon is the son of Bloom.

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