Chief Watch Officer Robin, a NPC you meet at Gurune Gate

Chief Watch Officer Robin is a soldier serving in the Royal Army.

He's stationed at Gurune Gate separating the cities Rolent and Grancel and can be found keeping an eye on things in the main hall of the checkpoint. His men mention that he takes his job extremely seriously and he himself mentions that days of peace are the ideal moments for intense drills and practice.

While relationships between the Royal Army and the Bracer Guild haven't always been free of bumps, Officer Robin has a high opinion of the Guild and believes bracers like Scherazard are the reason Rolent has been free of incidents for the most part. He also hopes to continue working together with the Guild on keeping the peace.

Officer Robin was already in the army during the time of the 100 Day War and as the Intelligence Division increases its grip on the rest of the army, he mentions things are starting to feel like during the war.


Chief Watch Officer Robin is a superior of Private Logan, Private Selbourne, Private Anden, Private Stoll, Private Thomas, Private Barranco and Watch Officer Graves

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