The Rolent Sewers are an underground passage accessed behind the Rolent Chapel in the southeast of the City of Rolent.

First Chapter Edit

In the Training: Retrieval quest during A Father's Love, A New Beginning, Scherazard sends Estelle and Joshua on a task to navigate the Rolent Sewers and acquire some Small Boxes as part of their Bracer Entry Examination.

In the Find the Shiny Rock quest during A Father's Love, A New Beginning, Estelle is requested to find and return a Quartz Fragment dropped by Charles, that fell through some grating into the Rolent Sewers.

Second Chapter Edit

In the Mine Commission quest during Land of Chaos, Estelle and Joshua are requested to find and return the Mine Commission Letter that was stolen from Mine Chief Gaton's house. After following a series of clues, the letter is found in the Rolent Sewers through a previously inaccessible door.

Maps Edit

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