Locations Edit

City of Ruan Edit

A harbor city in the west of Liberl, looking out upon Azelia Bay. Was formerly a major seaport, flourishing under ocean trade and transportation - but with the advent of orbalships, its profits and prominence alike have been dwindling more and more with each passing day. To combat this, the city's economy has begun focusing on tourism, taking advantage of its beautiful white-walled houses along the coast to attract sightseers. In addition, its "Langland Bridge" is now operating on a daily basis (with or without practical cause) in an attempt to make this drawbridge over the Roubine River a world-famous icon of the city. The city's elected official is Mayor Dalmore.

Manoria Village Edit

Manoria, or the Village of Manoria is a small village in Ruan, located west of the City of Ruan and Gull Seaside Way - 1st Map. The village hosts the Varenne Lighthouse on the coastline of Azelia Bay.

Sapphirl Tower Edit

The Sapphirl Tower is one of the four Tetracyclic Towers left behind by the ancients, built in the Ruan Region of Liberl Kingdom. The tower is located west of the Aurian Causeway - 2nd Map, and like other Tetracyclic Towers, comprises of several floors and hosting an artifact on the roof.

Mercia Orphanage Edit

Mercia Orphanage

Jenis Royal Academy Edit

The Jenis Royal Academy, located east from the Gull Seaside Way - 3rd Map along the Vista Forest Road in Ruan, is an academy for students from all across Liberl. The academy is run by Dean Collins, the headmaster. The academy is known for hosting festivals, with the support of the student council, faculty members and numerous citizens often operating food stalls all taking part in the festivals.

Varenne Lighthouse Edit

The Varenne Lighthouse is a lighthouse on the coastline of Azelia Bay, located in the south-western part of the Ruan, west from the Manoria Byroad - 1st Map.

Air-Letten Edit

Air-Letten is a regional guarded divisional checkpoint between Ruan and Zeiss, connecting the New Ansel Path - 2nd Map in Ruan and the Kaldia Tunnel - 1st Map in Zeiss.

Krone Pass Edit

The Krone Pass is a regional guarded divisional checkpoint between Bose and Ruan, connecting the Krone Trail - 1st Map in Bose and the Krone Trail - 2nd Map in Ruan.

Roads Edit

Krone Trail Edit

The Krone Trail is a roadway in Bose and Ruan, connecting the West Bose Highway and the Manoria Byroad through Krone Pass.

Gull Seaside Way Edit

The Gull Seaside Way is a roadway in Ruan, connecting the City of Ruan, Manoria, the Mercia Orphanage and the Vista Forest Road.

Aurian Causeway Edit

The Aurian Causeway is a roadway in Ruan, connecting the City of Ruan, the Sapphirl Tower and Air-Letten.

Vista Forest Road Edit

The Vista Forest Road is a roadway in Ruan, connecting the Gull Seaside Way and the Jenis Royal Academy.

Manoria Byroad Edit

The Manoria Byroad is a roadway in Ruan, connecting the Krone Trail, the Varenne Lighthouse and Manoria.

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