First Chapter Edit

Ruan Economic History
Volume 1

- Table of Contents -

1. Ruan Economics Prior to the Orbal Revolution
- Urban Transfiguration Due to Developments in Nautical Technology
- Developments in Industry and the Rise of the Working Class

2. Abolishment of the Aristocracy and Regional Economics
- Collapse of the Oligopolistic System


Economic history is a field of scholarship which look back historically on economic activity, one of a number of actions carried out by people, and weighs its evolution in relation to the future.

In fact, it would hardly be an overstatement to say that the state of the world following the Orbal Revolution was led by a series of economic dynamics. Dramatic progress in transit technology and improved productivity gave rise to a continental-scale flow of goods and people, which in turn resulted in a more explicit structure of interests making an appearance within governments among neighbouring nations.

This book aims to trace history sequentially from prior to the Orbal Revolution, and while setting Ruan apart from the rest of Liberl Kingdom, proceed to analyze the developments of regional economics.

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