First Chapter Edit

Ruan Economic History
Volume 2

- Table of Contents -

Preface: The World After the Orbal Revolution

3. Ruan and the Orbal Revolution
- Advent of the Airship and the Maritime Industry

4. The Hundred Days War and the Empire
- The State of Commodity Distribution Before and After the War
- Disparity, and the Shifting Empire


The benefits in connection with the Orbal Revolution wrought mighty change in both production and transportation; the fundamental elements of economic activity.

The introduction of orbal technology to the manual industry increased production without leading to a consolidation of the workforce and allowed outdated worker unions to commercialize and thereby erect a framework which supplied the market with a stable flow of diverse goods.

On the downside, the progress of transit technology, beginning with the emergence of airships, internationalized economic competition in one fell swoop and created a situation which prompted a fierce utilitarian rivalry among nations. Economic rivalries such as these can be found skulking in the milieu of nearly all erupting strife in this present age, regardless of boundaries.

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