Simon, a NPC met in Rolent

Simon is the assistent of Mirano, an influental businesswoman from Bose.

Trails in the Sky: First Chapter Edit

He's first met in the Abend Bar in Rolent where he's in the process of securing a purchase of lumber and septium on Mirano's behalf. Whenever Mirano makes business decisions, she often has Simon carry them out for her. After Mirano and Simon return to Bose, Simon takes some time off hanging out in the Kirsche Bar. He notices that it's odd that Mirano hasn't immediately sent him out on some other assignement and wonders if something's wrong. It later turns out that Mirano's father was on the missing airliner and that a ransom was demanded for him.

When the neighborhood is struck by a raid from the sky bandits, Simon stays at Mirano's home in order to watch over her mother, who was left feeling unsafe in her own house due to the burglaries.

After the sky bandits are apprehended and Mister Trino returns to Bose, Simon travels to Ruan to work out a deal. While he's there for business, he feels his stay in Ruan is like a vacation and is sad when the time comes for him to return to Bose.

While Simon isn't present during the events surrounding the Martial Arts Competition and thwarting of the coup, he does travel to Grancel together with Mirano to attend the Birthday Celebration.

Trails in the Sky: Second Chapter Edit

Simon is first met again on the airship Linde during Estelle's flight from Grancel to Ruan after her return from Le Locle. He's actually on his way to Zeiss on Mirano's orders to place a large order on orbments in anticipation of a big boost in Erebonian clientele as a result of the impending signing of the non-agression pact between the empire and the republic.

Simon enjoys working for Mirano, but doesn't intend to stay in her service forever. He hopes to be able to start for himself one day, when he has gained enough experience.


Simon is the assistent of Mirano

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