The Legend of Heroes VI: Trails in the Sky (英雄伝説VI 空の軌跡?, Eiyū Densetsu VI Sora no Kiseki) is a trilogy series of role-playing games developed by the Nihon Falcom Corporation. Collectively they are considered to be the sixth installment in the The Legend of Heroes series.

The trilogy titles are known as chapters, consisting of Trails in the Sky - First Chapter (空の軌跡FC?, Sora no Kiseki FC), Trails in the Sky Second Chapter (空の軌跡SC?, Sora no Kiseki SC) and Trails in the Sky The 3rd (空の軌跡 The 3rd?, Sora no Kiseki The 3rd).

The trilogy were originally released on Microsoft Windows in Japan in 2004, and have since undergone several re-releases across multiple gaming platforms. The trilogy was initially ported to the PlayStation Portable System in Japan in 2006 and later to the PlayStation 3 in Japan in 2012/2013. The trilogy remained unreleased in any other regions until XSEED Games released the Trails in the Sky - First Chapter in North America in 2011 on the PlayStation Portable System.

XSEED Games has continued on the localisation of several of the Nihon Falcom Corporation games, including the English localisation of Trails in the Sky - First Chapter on the Steam Platform in July 2014 and Trails in the Sky - Second Chapter in October 2015, with the help of a third party translating company, Carpe Fulgur. No official announcement of the English localisation release of Trails in the Sky - The 3rd has been released, however XSEED Games have stated it's likelihood will stem from the success of the previous titles.

Gameplay Edit

The trilogy follows a traditional turn-based role-playing combat system with the world constructed by series' of maps which make up the game world. The game appears isometrically viewed with rotatable maps, both in combat and in the world. Players travel to various locations throughout the game world through roads which link major regions together, along with cities and other extended regional areas. The game world takes place in Zemuria, divided into continents, countries and regions, however the plot only consists in the localized country of Liberl Kingdom.

Character Development Edit

Characters accumulate experience points from defeating enemies in battle, in turn rewarding characters with level ups that increase their parameters. Only those characters who are in able to fight and not in a Knocked Out condition may participate in battle and accumulate experience points. All enemies provide set experience points no matter the difference between a party member's and enemy's level, however the values change according to the difficulty of the playthrough. Characters additionally gain Crafts and S-Crafts as a result of increasing their level.

Arts Edit

Arts, also known as Orbal Arts, are magical effects brought about by Orbments; that can be used to attack, defend or support characters and enemies. There are varied and unique Arts which host elemental properties; Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Time, Space and Mirage, each providing different effects. Arts are the result of equipping Quartz in configurations in an Orbment, when the required elemental values of Arts matches the installed elemental value of Quartz, the Art becomes usable. All party members are able to use any and all Arts, as well all Arts are accessible from the beginning of the story. The limitation of configuration, set elemental slots and access to Quartz with high elemental values hinder the available Arts that can be cast by that party member. Using Arts in battle requires Energy Points, also known as EP, Arts have specified EP requirements, that do not regenerate and require Items to restore.

Crafts Edit

Crafts are unique techniques that can be used to attack, defend and support characters and enemies. Crafts are generally unique to an individual and are gained as characters increase their level. Using Crafts in battle requires Craft Points, also known as CP, Crafts have specified CP requirements, that can be gained by receiving or dealing both magical or physical damage in battle. CP can also regenerate in battle (for example, having the Gladiator Belt accessory equipped), or restored with some Items.

S-Crafts Edit

S-Crafts, also known as Super Crafts, are alike Crafts and can be generalized as a more powerful extension; that can be used to attack, defend or support characters and enemies. S-Crafts are generally unique to an individual and are gained as characters increase their level. Using S-Crafts in battle requires Craft Points, also known as CP, S-Crafts have a specified 100CP base requirement and may have an additional effect when used with the maximum 200CP (for example, use of Radiant Plash with 200CP provides a DEF boost to allies in it's area of effect). CP can be gained by receiving or dealing both magical or physical damage in battle. CP can also regenerate in battle (for example, having the Gladiator Belt accessory equipped), or restored with some Items.

Combat Edit

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Introduction Edit

First Chapter Edit

Trails in the Sky - First Chapter takes place in the Liberl Kingdom, 10 years after the great invasion of the Erebonian Empire from the north-west. The Liberl Kingdom is governed by Queen Alicia II and restored back to its peaceful state before the 100 Hundred Days War. The Liberl Kingdom thrives in high concentration of materials and high-level technology which is eyed closely by both the Erebonian Empire and the Calvard Republic, both countries bordering the Liberl Kingdom.

The story follows Estelle Bright, daughter of Cassius Bright who is a legend within the Liberl Kingdom due to his military finesse and strategic competency. During the 100 Hundred Days War, the Erebonian Empire managed to break their way through to the capital city, Grancel. Here, under the direction of Cassius, the Liberl Kingdom launched a counter-attack that forced the Erebonian Empire to retreat back to the borders within a few weeks. After the 100 Hundred Days War, Cassius gave up his sword and left the army, joining the Bracer's guild and enhancing it to its glory state and was given the S ranking.

Estelle is completely unaware of her father's past and history but settles comfortably in their family house outside Rolent. When Estelle was at a young age, her father was assaulted by Joshua Astray, a young child of amazing combat abilities, whom loses his memory in the fight and becomes adopted by Cassius. From there Estelle was taught the usage of Bo Rods and starts off the story on the day when she is going to join the Bracer's guild with Joshua.

The story progresses as normal Bracer's guild quests unveiling the dark side of the Liberl Kingdom government, a faction of the army that decides to overthrow Queen Alicia. This eventually leads to the exploration of the ancient facilities throughout the Liberl Kingdom. The story continues on through Trails in the Sky - Second Chapter, with a much unanswered question of Joshua's past and his connection to the lethal society know as Ouroborous, a world-wide threat that consists of Apostles and Enforcers with incredible combat prowess.

Second Chapter Edit

Trails in the Sky - Second Chapter begins immediately after the events of the Trails in the Sky - First Chapter. After the failed coup d’état that threatened the Liberl Kingdom, Queen Alicia's birthday celebrations hit throughout the streets of Grancel. With Joshua Astray leaving Estelle Bright with much confusion, Estelle attempts to embark on her own personal quest to find and rescue Joshua.

Much of the story follows Estelle in her personal quest, however new events and threats arise as a result of previous conflicts. New characters are introduced, including the unveiling of more Enforcers of Ouroborous and new playable Characters including; Josette Capua of the Sky Bandits, partly responsible for the capturing and kidnapping of the Linde, the priest Kevin Graham, an artifact hunter from the Septian Church , Mueller Vander, a Major of the Ereobian Empire's military and Julia Schwarz, a Captain of the Liberl Kingdom military.

New combat abilities are also introduced with Chain Crafts allowing multiple Characters to use Crafts simultaneously regardless of their position in the battle queue, along with new Crafts and S-Crafts for existing Characters. Additionally a range of Equipment have been added, with new Weapons, Armor, Boots and Accessories for each of the Characters.

The Fishing system has been re-introduced, allowing Estelle to fish at many available Fishing Spots found throughout the Liberl Kingdom, with many additional Bait, Rods and Fish to use. A new type of Attack Recipes has been added, allowing attack food to be used in battle as attack items that deal non-elemental damage, additionally with ranges of new Recipes for Cooking.

The 3rd Edit

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