First Chapter Edit

~Cooking is a Science!~
~Recipes for the New Millennium~

Today, I will be introducing one of my newest cooking recipes specially for those readers of this book! And that recipe is non other than --(Drum roll please)-- Can you guess what it is? It's Bouillabaisse!

Yes that's right! This delectable dish of unobtrusive monster bits is one that everyone can enjoy! Follow my groundbreaking recipe and that monster corpse you've been dragging around will taste simple divine! Now whip out your sword and let's get started!

Monster Bone x2, Monster Fish Meat x2, Crisp Onion x1, Red Pepper (Add to taste), Monster Gelatin (Add to taste)

1. Wash Monster Bones thoroughly with water.
(If you are still bothered by the scent then try boiling them, or if all else fails, ram a clove of garlic deep into each nostril.)

2. Finely chop Crisp Onion. Chop Monster Bones and Monster Fish Meat into edible-sized pieces.
-Lightly rinse Monster Gelatin in water after unraveling it.

3. Saute ingredients in a heated frying pan.
-After Monster Fish Meat has been lightly cooked, add water or soup and simmer until liquid has half-evaporated.

4. Lastly, add Monster Gelatin and bring to a boil. Remove from heat and wait for thickening

5. After Monster Gelatin thickens, cut into edible-sized pieces.

Your Bouillabaisse is now ready!

You may eat it as is, or heating it with a little flashy orbal magic makes for a great dinner show!

*This dish is great for lunch boxes and scaring small children!

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