Verne, a NPC you meet in Rolent

Verne is an inhabitant of Estelle's hometown of Rolent.

He's the manager of Hotel Rolent and can usually be found behind the establishment's counter. One quality Estelle and Joshua note about him is his ability to always keep a completely straight face and a formal tone, even when joking with someone. They pass it off as something that's simply beneficial to a person in his business. Being in charge of the only hotel in Rolent, Verne frequently has bracers from other branches stay over when they perform jobs in Rolent.

Verne has several guests while Estelle and Joshua are busy with bracer work in Rolent. There's a couple from Grancel visiting the city as part of a pilgrimage, there's a woman from Calvard with her son and there's a young girl from Jenis Royal Academy. Eventually it turns out that the latter was merely staying there to case her surroundings and raid the mayor's home. Unfortunately, by the time Estelle, Joshua and Scherazard arrive at Hotel Rolent, Verne is forced to tell them that their target already checked out and left.

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