Yuni, NPC met in Rolent

Yuni is an inhabitant of Estelle's hometown of Rolent.

She is one of the younger children living in the city. She is the daughter of Mister Fate, a former soldier in the Royal Army, and she and her father have a particularly close bond.

Yuni frequently plays with Luke and Pat who are of the same age as she is. However, her being a girl means she's occasionally left out, like at the time her playmates set out to the Esmelas Tower north of town. Yuni, worrying about the two, warned Aina of the Bracer Guild, who asked Estelle and Joshua to go after the boys and bring them back. Thanks to Yuni's foresight, the incident ended without anyone getting hurt.


Yuni is the daughter of Mister Fate and the playmate of Luke and Pat.

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