Locations Edit

City of Zeiss Edit

The heart of Liberl's orbment industry. Towering high above the city streets is a massive orbal factory where everything from lighting fixtures to airships is mass-produced. Its workers are known to be the continent's top-level orbment craftsmen, which has sparked a lot of intereational interest (of both the positive and negative varieties). In addition, because the city depends so heavily on industry, the head of the Central Factory also serves the duties of mayor. The current factory chief is Murdock.

Leiston Fortress Edit

A military fortress that is widely considered impenetrable, Leiston Fortress is the national headquarters of Liberl's Royal Army.

Elmo Village Edit

A remote village located in the south-eastern corner of the Zeiss Region, Elmo is a well-known tourist destination, most famous for its hot springs. Unlike other communities in the country, Elmo doesn't just lack an official mayor, but also doesn't have an official village elder. The person more or less in charge of the village is Mrs. Mao.

Hot Springs Fountainhead Edit

The Hot Springs Fountainhead, located north of Elmo, is the source of Elmo's famous hot springs. The springs attract citizens from all over Liberl, however the fountainhead, the front of a cave system that traverses the eastern side of the Kaldia Hills in Zeiss, is off-limits to citizens due to atmospheric dangers.

Kaldia Limestone Cave Edit

The Kaldia Limestone Cave, located north from the Kaldia Tunnel - 3rd Map, is an underground cave system that traverses the inner depths of the Kaldia Hills within Zeiss.

Carnelia Tower Edit

The Carnelia Tower is one of the four Tetracyclic Towers left behind by the ancients, built in the Zeiss Region of Liberl Kingdom. The tower is located north of the Tratt Plains - Road 3rd Map, and like other Tetracyclic Towers, comprises of several floors and hosting an artifact on the roof.

Sanktheim Gate Edit

Sanktheim Gate

Air-Letten Edit

Air-Letten is a regional guarded divisional checkpoint between Ruan and Zeiss, connecting the New Ansel Path - 2nd Map in Ruan and the Kaldia Tunnel - 1st Map in Zeiss.

Roads Edit

Kaldia Tunnel Edit

The Kaldia Tunnel is a roadway in Ruan and Zeiss, connecting Air-Letten, the Kaldia Limestone Cave and the City of Zeiss.

Tratt Plains Road Edit

The Tratt Plains Road is a roadway in Zeiss, connecting the City of Zeiss, the Carnelia Tower, Elmo and the Wolf Fort.

Ritter Roadway Edit

The Ritter Roadway is a roadway in Zeiss, connecting the City of Zeiss, the Soldat Army Road and the Sanktheim Gate.

Soldat Army Road Edit

The Soldat Army Road is a roadway in Zeiss, connecting the Ritter Roadway and Leiston Fortress.

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